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Composition: Pohl, Hans-Ulrich
Text authors: Rau, Tina / Pohl, Mariella / Pohl, Hans-Ulrich

The music book contains sheet music for all 12 songs for vocals, guitar and keyboard.

Everything is blue in Blauland. The residents too - the Fizzli puzzlis. There is no argument, no hatred and no one is jealous of one another. The color king lives in the neighboring country. He loves colors more than anything and wants to make the Fizzli puzzlis happy. He sends magic balls into the blue country. These cause one Fizzli puzzle to turn red and another yellow. Being different creates envy, arguments and a great deal of confusion. When the Fizzli-Puzzlis realize that one should talk to one another and that love for one another is the magic power that removes all problems, everyone is happy again.

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